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Last week LJ Signs completed a full colour trailer wrap for The Office of Environment & Heritage.

This trailer is designed to be a mobile teaching aid, soon to hit the road.

The vinyl graphics where printed on high quality vinyl with the HP Latex 360 with high gloss over laminate.

The pictures supplied for this job where amazing, resulting in digital prints that look like extra-large photos adhered directly onto the sides of the trailer. After removing all the handles, hinges etc the trailer was cleaned down (not too hard as it was a new trailer) and the prints were ready to be installed. The job took approx. 6 hours to install and after all prints where on trailer, hinges etc are put back on and whole trailer cleaned down again to ensure high gloss finish.

Our client was delighted with the outcome and found it hard to believe how well the photos came out on such a large scale.

The rule of thumb with any digital print is “quality in, quality out!’ basically what this means is the better image supplied to go to print the better the result off the printer. Professional quality photos are always the best print quality but even with modern phones/cameras these images are usually good enough to print for a high quality result.

If unsure about the quality of your logo or image you would like to use, feel free to contact us at LJ Signs and we can look at this for you and advise the best course of action. If logos etc need to be modified we have the ability to do this on site to ensure you get the best out of your signage.